A Tough Weekend with Tougher Weather

Nicole Havrda had a disappointing weekend at Round 2 of the 2023 Indian Racing League. Extremely wet conditions and mechanical issues saw the Canadian qualify 10th at the Madras International Circuit. Unfortunately, all but seven laps of the race were under a full course yellow, making it impossible for her to improve her position, in what turned out be only a four lap race.

The torrential rains continued to worsen and, combined with the threat of Cyclone Michaung, which has caused extreme flooding in several towns and cities, organizers were forced to postpone the third event of the Series until next weekend through the streets of Chennai.

“The series has decided that we are doing Round 3 and 4 next weekend at the new street circuit in the city of Chennai and best of all we will be racing in the night,” said Nicole.

“I can’t wait to be racing on the new street circuit in the middle of the night. It will be a crazy experience and I’m really looking forward to it .”

However, it is likely that the night race will not be possible as the cyclone’s extreme weather has ripped into the streets of Chennai.