Nicole Havrda takes part in a GT4 test

Nicole was announced as the youngest of the nine finalists, of more than 100 applications for the Aston Martin GT4 female shootout by The Heart of Racing. The shootout took part at Inde Motorsports Ranch located in Wilcox, Arizona.

“It was an amazing opportunity and I am satisfied with my performance while I was at the test. The Heart of Racing team worked very hard, and I am so happy to start seeing more racing teams supporting women in motorsport.” Nicole said.

Nicole is continuing to collect more experience in diverse race cars, in just one year Nicole has driven four different types of race cars. Nicole mentioned, “It was interesting to see how fast I can learn a GT4 car from an open wheel car. For the first lap it felt very strange, but after more driving it was natural.” Nicole has been racing an open wheel car all season, so it was a change for her to jump into a GT4 car, and she did amazing!