X The Girl Behind the Wheel [Nicole’s First European Interview]

Nicole Havrda was recently interviewed by Czech media IDNES. You can click here for a link to the article (in Czech), or read the English translation below.

The Girl Behind the Wheel
“My dream is F1, it requires a lot of sacrifice”, says the racer lightning fast Formula 3 driver Nicole Havrda
Matěj TomíčekMatěj Tomíček – – May 26, 2023

When Nicole Havrda recently talked to her dad about her future in motorsport, he jokingly told her: “Choose any car you want, I’ll buy it for you. It will be cheaper for me than funding your career.” What do you think she chose? No, Nicole Havrda has no car. This young, smiling blonde with a twinkle in her eye is only thinking about getting into Formula 1.

She is seventeen, she was born in Canada, but she also has a Czech passport. Passion? The only one: fast cars. She has already moved from go-karts to Formula 3, in which she leads the North American championship. Now she wants to get to Europe and then preferably to F1.

“I understand Czech, but I don’t speak much. You can ask in Czech, I’ll answer in English,” she says with a strong English accent at the beginning of the conversation in a Prague cafe.

So what about your citizenship? Are you Canadian or Czech? Probably more Canadian, but I also have a Czech passport. The whole family – mom, dad and brother – were born in Prague, I was born in Canada.